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Available Services

Water heater repair & installation

Water not getting hot, pilot light not staying lit, and leaks our service team is able to diagnose/troubleshoot the problem. We work hard to save you money and get your water heater issues resolved efficiently and quickly. We provide replacement of water heaters to keep the same size or an increase of size. Currently we are able to replace in the location of the current water heater

Repair / replace / install plumbing fixtures​

Are your fixtures needing repair? Is it time to update those plumbing fixtures? Roel Plumbing can help meet your needs by helping you determine if a repair or replacement is needed. We strive to provide you with service that is cost and time efficient while meeting your needs. 

Troubleshooting leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets, faucets, bathtubs, sewer pipes

Is your drains backing up, got fixtures leaking? Look no further than Roel Plumbing to meet your service needs. Our service team provides drain cleaning, leak detection, replacing pipping in the home to fix leaks, and camera your sewer to find the clog / damage.

Kitchen renovation

Need replacement of dishwasher, garbage disposal, faucets, sink bowls, range, and refrigerators? Roel Plumbing can meet your needs in a timely and cost efficient manner. Currently we are unable to add or move fixture locations.



Want a new fixtures in your bathroom? Roel Plumbing is able to help you renovate your bathroom to meet your needs. Currently we are unable to add or move fixture locations.


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